We are a social enterprise, established by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and their friends, with the goal of alleviating poverty experienced by Mindanao farmers via equitable means of doing business. We have heard of one too many stories of unfair contract farming, loan-sharks and other unfair business practices, and we oppose this. However, we are also NOT a charity institution. It has to be remembered that the money we propose to invest was actually earned by leaving our country and family.


We are registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission as OFW para sa Agrikultura, Inc. and our farms, post-harvest facility and chocolate factory is located in Agusan del Sur, north east of beautiful Mindanao, the second largest island of the Philippines, while our marketing office is in Dubai, UAE.

We partner with the marginalized yet potentially profitable sector of Philippine society - farming, fishery and eco-/agri-tourism.

The crop in current focus is CACAO because of its tremendous demand in the world market.

OPM's first business unit in 2016, called Seed ONE, had the strategic goal of establishing a stable crop base for the long term plan of fine chocolate-making. Seed TWO this 2017 builds on the farm base started in Seed ONE by post-harvest processing the cacao wet beans yield from existing cacao farms and the harvest of new farmers who will join OPM in Seed TWO.


Operations will now revolve around: 

1) continuous management of stable cacao supply base;  
2) establishment and practice of proper fermentation and drying of harvested cacao beans; and

3) production of fine chocolates