Iman Suguitan

Iman is no stranger to managing a successful enterprise. Iman is the managing director and founder of Ahsant Premium Hotel Supplies (2015 Best Hotel Partner Winner in the Middle East Hotel Awards). Ahsant is registered in Dubai Municipality as Ahsant Art and Beauty LLC.

As OPM expands, co-founder Iman Suguitan is now the official farm manager to whom two cacao doctors and an agriculturist report. She is the lead trainor and farm auditor; the  “young leader” of cacao production, farm management and farmer education.


Luchie Suguitan

Luchie has ten years experience in administration of fund operations. Luchie is a Fund Admininistration Manager in an Investments and Management Consultancy firm based in Dubai. 

Luchie gained the title of Maître  Chocolate Maker from Ecole Chocolat (Professional School of Chocolate Arts) after her successful completion of chocolate-making from bean to bar in the USA and her chocolate bonbons program at Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona in Tain-l'Hermitage, France as well her successful chocolate research both in the US and in Paris, France is OPM’s head on post-harvest processing of cacao and chocolates.


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