Aura Myra Santos, Registered Nurse, Kaiser Permanente

California, United States of America

1. How did you learn about OPM?

- I saw it on my newsfeed on FB, it really got my attention because at that time I was new to investing (mutual funds and the like). I read the website linked to OPM and it caught my interest and so I inquired with Luchie.


2. Why do you think investing in OPM and Cacao  is a good idea?

- It is investing/investment with a cause. It is not merely focused on the financial gain but it is a social enterprise. It is a way of being involved in your home country and helping your countrymen. It also promotes what kind of products or resources our country can be good at or be known for in an international scale. 


3. As an OFW what convinced you to invest in OPM?

- Like what I said earlier, it is a social enterprise. It’s not the traditional investment people are used to hear and see. Although, OPM is not a charitable institution it is deeply involved in educating the people involved in this project. Earning and getting your money’s worth is also good but what better way to see the fruits of your investment extend to educating our countrymen, earning a good living and promoting our country's products. That’s a good package deal for me. 


4. What do you expect from your investment in OPM? How do you feel about the future of Cacao?

- As with any investment, there’s a risk. It will experience some challenges along the way but as long as we, together with other investors in this endeavor , continue to live out the mission and goal of OPM it will be a sweet success! I also expect my investment in OPM to continue to tap other projects related to cacao.


-The future of Cacao is something to look forward to to say the least. It’s in the news that cacao supply is decreasing and will definitely become more expensive. If everything goes as planned, our country will definitely make its mark in the international scene for good reasons and more.


5. Would you recommend OPM to a friend and why?

- It’s neither a yes or no for me. Not pertaining to OPM itself. As with any investment, there are risks involved. The OPM has a great backstory to it and I will definitely promote it but will not actively force it to other people to join.  It depends on the future investor or interested party if they believe in the goal of the investment. Also, they have to be aware of the risks and challenges involved in the project. So with that people have to decide on their own.


6. Message to our OFWs

- To my fellow OFWs, I know how hard it is to earn good money. It is more than hard work but it is literally blood, sweat and tears along with the sacrifice of being away from our beloved families and beloved country. I would like all of you to be financially educated and financially independent and to invest in your future while you can. Choose the right investment portfolio, start small and within your means. If you are interested, please take time and understand what OPM is all about. Godbless everyone!